Cyclist finds crying dog with a plastic bag in its mouth – what’s inside brings him into tears

A roadside discovery in Midville, Lincolnshire revealed a spaniel with her head on a plastic bag filled with her lifeless puppies. The mother dog was witnessed licking and trying to revive her offspring, with apparent tears in her eyes, by cyclist Paul Skinner. The sight was described as heart-wrenching, as the dog seemed to be mourning the loss of her litter.

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The 58-year-old councillor for Boston Borough Council recounted his cycling trip with a friend when they came across on the roadside. However, as they approached, they discovered a small spaniel with no one in sight. The dog sat alone, surrounded by a plastic bag that contained four dead puppies. The councillor expressed his shock at the inhumanity displayed by those responsible for such a tragic scene, noting the spaniel’s tears as they witnessed the heartbreaking sight.

“It was a small spaniel without a collar. We looked around in case anyone was in trouble,” the man said. “It was set back quite a long way from the road. It was heartbreaking. She had tears in her eyes. I could not believe anybody could be so devoid of humanity to do something like this.”

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Upon discovering the distressed dog, Paul quickly notified the police, the RSPCA, and a local greyhound sanctuary for assistance. The kennel manager, Mick Fern, who also serves as a PCSO, attempted to revive the spaniel-cross puppies, but unfortunately, they were beyond resuscitation. The vet estimated that the puppies were born alive on the same day they were abandoned, and their mother stayed with them until help arrived. While a microchip was found, it only traced back to the original breeder.

Image credits NTI

The mother dog was rescued by a dog shelter and given the name Carly. Thankfully, Carly will now receive proper care and never endure mistreatment again. Her situation serves as a reminder to continue advocating against animal cruelty. Carly’s unwavering dedication to her deceased puppies demonstrated her remarkable spirit, which surpassed that of her negligent owner. Her motherly instinct and emotional response to the tragic event reflect the depth of emotions that animals can experience, which is no different from humans.

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