Circus lion caged for 13 years feels grass beneath his feet for the very first time

After spending 13 years confined to a cramped cage and forced to perform as the circus traveled throughout America, the circus lion named Will finally experienced the heartwarming sensation of grass and soil beneath his feet. Will’s life took a dramatic turn for the better when he was rescued by Ranchos dos Gnomos Santuario in Brazil and provided with a new home.

Rachos dos Gnomos

As soon as the lion was freed from its frigid metal confinement, it dashed towards the lush grass and soft soil, enthusiastically digging its paws into the ground before luxuriating in the novel sights and smells.

While the incredible scene was captured in 2006, it has only recently been made accessible to the public!

Sadly, Will passed away in 2011, but at least he had the opportunity to spend his final years in peace and comfort at the Rachos dos Gnomos animal sanctuary.

“He had five years of tranquility before he died. Here he had the opportunity to interact with other lions,” Rachos dos Gnomos founder Marcus Pompeo told The Dodo. “He loved to lie in the grass and look at the sky. He was a very happy lion.”

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