After 50 years in circus elephant collapses with joy when learns she’s finally free

Two elephants that have been forced to spend their entire lives in the circus, finally get the chance of freedom, and their reaction is heart-melting. After more than 50 years in chains, these adorable creatures were rescued and taken to a wildlife sanctuary where they finally have the chance to enjoy a free happy life.


For Mia and Sita life was extremely tough. Forced to perform tricks and entertain crowds at the circus, the two sisters have been chained almost their entire life. But all that suffering came to an end thanks to Wildlife SOS – a rescue and wildlife conservation group in India.


Thanks to these devoted volunteers, the two elephants were rescued and they have been taken Elephant Conservation and Care Center – a sanctuary where they can peacefully live for the rest of their lives. After a 1,200 miles journey, Mia and Sita finally arrived at the center. They both looked exhausted and sick. The many years of suffering left deep wounds on their bodies and their souls, but they still found the power to enjoy their first moment of freedom.


While, Sita stepped into a pool for the very first time in her life, Mia found another way to show her relief. She just laid on the ground to rest! The moment was so intense and emotional, it even brought to tears the volunteers that helped these two gentle creatures.


“While we don’t know when exactly Mia was last allowed to do this, it’s obvious that this is something she has needed to do for a very long time.” the sanctuary wrote. “Daily rest is essential for an elephant, but very often they are deprived of this necessity when they are chained on the front and back legs. This was the case with Mia!”

Mia and Sita seem to enjoy their new lifestyle as they both look happier than ever. But it takes a lot of time until they will recover!

“They seem so much happier already,” Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said. “It’s almost like they sense they are going to get a happier life where they will not be forced to perform in circuses anymore – a life where their aching and painful joints will get the rest and the care they deserve.”

You can watch Sita enjoying freedom in the footage below!

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