Cat with a fluffy squirrel tail is adorable


In a world that is filled to the brim with bad news and all sorts of unwanted negativity, it is great to see animals who transcend the misery and bring us together with their amazing levels of cuteness. The video that you are about to witness is painfully short and you may need to run it back a few (dozen) times in order to truly appreciate it.

You see, the animal kingdom is a fascinating thing. There are so many different species in the world, and then there are cross breeds which make things even harder to comprehend. But had you ever heard of a cat/squirrel? No, I thought not. Why? Well, because that animal doesn’t exist! But if it were to exist, it would look a little something like Bell the cat.

The cute kitty in this clip goes by the name of Bell. Bell looks just like any fluffy cat, but there is one major twist. Her tail does not look like the tails on most cats. Her tail resembles that of a squirrel and we must admit that we have never seen such a distinctive looking tail on a animal like this one before. This is the sort of video that has to be seen in order to be truly believed.

Even though Bell looks like any other adorable kitty in every other aspect, her tail gives her a sort of squirrel appearance, causing the entire Internet to have a minor freak out. An explanation for this madness, you ask? Bell the kitty is a rare breed called Napoleon (also known as a Minuet), and the reason why you’ve probably never seen anything like it is that the The International Cat Association has only recently recognized the Napoleon as an official breed. Either way, I’m entirely glad that it has because this little cutie has stolen my heart.

The International Cat Association (which is also known as TICA) has only recently begun to realize Bell’s breed as an official one and we cannot believe that it took them this long to do so. According to the good people at TICA, this breed is well known for their affectionate nature. They are also gentle and considered to be very people oriented creatures.

This hilarious video definitely brings all of this cat’s best characteristics into closer focus, as Bell begs for attention in the most adorable of ways. Her beauty is not merely limited to short online clips, though. She has her very own Instagram account and has already racked up over 80,000 followers with her charming ways.