Cat Thr.own from moving Car can’t stop Kissing his new Mom…!

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The cat, affectionately named Honeycake, has a sweet demeanor. With such an adorable appearance, it’s hard to fathom how anyone could be so cruel as to abandon him. Honeycake’s life started on a tragic note when he was thrown from a moving car in a garbage bag.

Fortunately, he survived and was rescued by a kind-hearted passerby, who took him to a nearby shelter. However, finding a new home for Honeycake proved challenging, and he waited a long time at the shelter with no adoption applications.

Sadly, the shelter does not have a no-kill policy, meaning there is a deadline for Honeycake. As the deadline approached, the shelter staff worked tirelessly to find him an adopter to avoid a tragic outcome.

Honeycake’s story eventually reached Michigan Cat Rescue, who stepped in just in time. He was given a second chance at life, and his luck finally turned around when someone showed interest in adopting him.

A compassionate woman felt a special connection to Honeycake and was ready to welcome him into her home. Honeycake, now renamed Finnegan, was thrilled to meet his new owner, climbing on top of her and showering her with affection.

Renee, his new owner, was moved by Honeycake’s sweetness and was determined to give him a happy life. Finnegan quickly settled into his new home, and the two formed a strong bond. Renee promised that Finnegan would receive countless hugs and kisses every day, living the wonderful life he deserved.

We believe this adoption will bring immense love and joy to both of you! Thank you for giving this kitty a forever home; he will surely return your kindness with endless love and happiness.

God bless you for saving this beautiful cat. Your kindness is truly admirable. 🙏🙏🙏 What a kind heart you have for God’s precious creatures.

Sharing is caring!