Baby Orangutan throws as his Mom Drags him away from Playtime in Safari Park!

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When Berani’s mother, a 16-year-old orangutan named Sari, pulled her son away from a play session in their enclosure at Pairi Daiza, it was a scene many parents of young children might recognize. Photographer Koen Hartkamp captured the comical moment.

The determined mother didn’t relent, firmly holding her young son by the arm and moving him to another part of the enclosure. Berani’s tantrum was brief, though. Moments later, he was spotted snuggled under a gold-colored blanket and enjoying a drink from the enclosure’s water fountain.

They are incredibly smart!

Feisty Berani, his mother Sari, and his father Ujian, relocated to Pairi Daiza in 2017 from Germany. The park supports Borneo forest restoration projects, which are vital habitats for many species, including orangutans.

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According to Pairi Daiza, “orangutan” translates to “man of the forest” in Malay. These large primates thrive in the lush canopies of rainforests. Berani, Sari, and Ujian are Sumatran orangutans, which can live up to around 50 years in captivity.

Absolutely hilarious 😂. Mum knows best – no one can outsmart their mum!

Orangutans are highly intelligent. They use twigs and branches as tools to extract insects from crevices or to peel fruit. They also communicate through body language, primarily using gestures.

Rampant deforestation has made the orangutan a critically endangered species, with only about 7,500 Sumatran orangutans left in the wild. Protecting these magnificent creatures has never been more crucial.

All parents deal with these issues 😆🤣

That’s so funny 😂. Kids are kids, no matter the species.

Fabulous – you can feel her frustration 🫤. It’s not much different from a mom trying to drag a toddler away from the toy section in the supermarket! Even animals understand that actions have consequences!

This is evolution in its rawest form! Human children and parents do the same thing! This is priceless! All moms have felt like doing that at some point.

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