Cat named ‘Gumby’ born with severely deformed legs looking for his forever home

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Every shelter animal, regardless of their appearance, deserves a caring and supportive home. Animals with unique features or disabilities deserve families who will embrace and love them for who they are.

Currently, a shelter is on the lookout for a home for a cat named Gumby, who was born with severely deformed legs.

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Angell shared that Gumby was among a group of cats brought in from an overcrowded shelter in Texas. What makes Gumby distinctive is his severely deformed back legs.

“We’ve never encountered a cat quite like him,” MSPCA-Angell expressed. However, despite his distinctive deformity, Gumby doesn’t let anything hinder him. He’s adapted to navigate his surroundings, walks, uses the litter box, and behaves like any other typical kitten.

The shelter mentioned that their veterinarians are actively exploring ways to manage Gumby’s condition. Still, given that he is comfortable and capable of functioning independently, there’s no immediate need for intervention.

“He moves around effortlessly and behaves just like any other playful kitten – he adores attention and can be a bit mischievous,” shared MSPCA-Angell. “Nothing seems to dampen his spirits!”

Gumby is now available for adoption, and the shelter is seeking a family who can cater to his special needs, preferably with a strong connection to a veterinarian. If you’re interested, you can submit an adoption inquiry on the shelter’s website.

Sharing is caring!