Caring 2-year-old goes to dog shelter and chooses sick, shy pit bull in need of love

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Shelters are filled with dogs, each yearning for that one thing: a forever home. Sadly, for some, the journey to find it takes longer than expected.

Factors like breed, age, appearance, or health conditions often lead many dogs to be overlooked repeatedly by potential adopters, who may lean towards younger and conventionally cuter puppies.

Yet, every now and then, a compassionate soul enters the scene, willing to open their heart to these overlooked dogs. In the case of a shelter pit bull, that compassionate person turned out to be a 2-year-old girl. Out of all the dogs at the shelter, she chose him.

When Audra Spurio took her young daughter to the shelter for a dog adoption, little did she expect that her child would be drawn to a sick and mangey pit bull. But sensing that the dog needed a bit of love and care, the toddler insisted on choosing him.

“My daughter was determined to meet her more than any other dog at the shelter that day,” Audra shared with The Dodo. Despite the dog having a distinct “mange” odor, the persistent little girl kept insisting, “Mommy, that one.”

Gigi chimed in, saying, “Let the doggy out. Need help.”

The girl’s wish came true, and Gigi took the pit bull outside for some playtime. Despite the dog being scared and shy, the toddler approached the situation with love and patience.

While many kids might have been “grossed out” by the dog’s conditions, Gigi saw a friend in need of her help.

While playing outside, it became evident that a genuine and immediate bond had formed between the two. The girl showered the dog with kisses and belly rubs.

Audra observed, “I watched this fearful dog melt in G’s hands. She would not let my daughter leave her side.” Even after the pit bull was returned to her kennel, Gigi persistently pleaded with her mother to bring the dog home so they could take care of her. The two-year-old earnestly said, “Sick doggy, go home.”

Fortunately, the young girl’s wish was granted. Out of all the dogs at the shelter that day, the sick pit bull captured her heart, and the dog, now named Scarlett, is happily settled in her new home.

“Scarlett is now at home and feeling much better,” Audra shared with The Dodo. “She still won’t let G out of her sight.”

This heartwarming tale has resonated with nearly 14 million viewers on YouTube, with numerous commenters expressing that Gigi’s compassion for animals has sparked hope for the future.

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