Brazilian construction workers discover 33ft anaconda on a building site

A giant snake, measuring 33-feet in length, has been found on a construction site in northern Brazil. reptile, weighing almost 900lbs, was discovered by a group of construction workers after a cave explosion in Altamira, Pará.

A video footage captured by one of the workers displays the enormous snake with a diameter of more than 3 feet.


Upon uncovering the terrifying find, the workers secured the creature with chains to a crane and hoisted it up, unveiling its yellow-spotted underbelly. However, this action received a lot of backlash online. It has been alleged that the builders killed the snake instead of returning it to its natural habitat, but no official confirmation has been provided.


One person wrote: “I’m not sure this is real, but if it is, shame on these people for treating it this way! A snake that big has probably been alive for a very long time now, just to be killed for a few pictures? What a waste.” While another said: “Human be like ‘oh look a giant rare snake and it maybe the last species on this earth, so lets put it down and show it to the world’.”

The present Guinness World Record holder for the longest captive snake is Medusa, who lives in Kansas City, US. The length of Medusa is 25 feet and 2 inches.

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