Herd of mini horses hilariously try to sled with little boy

If you are a kid, a snow day is basically an open invitation to have fun. There are many ways to play in the snow, but going sleigh-riding has to be one of the all-time favorites, right? Getting to be outdoors and enjoy the beautiful nature as you sleigh through a wonderland of snow; what’s not to like about that?
Actually, the only thing able to make the experience even greater is to share all this fun with your friends.

This little boy is aware of it, so he decided to add some adorable miniature horses to his group of buddies. Needless to mention the result went viral, with people’s hearts absolutely melted by the hilarious scene.

The boy’s grandma was watching them having fun in the snow. Thankfully, she managed to capture the adorable moment on camera. And trust me, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. Although the horses still need a few hints when it comes to sliding down the hill on snow, they are slowly getting the hang of it
What’s more, the horses’ excitement for playing with the kid on the snowy pasture was more than obvious, so chances are going to be more of these types of playdates in this family’s future. Doesn’t this just look like a lot of fun?

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