Adopted ‘Tiny’ Puppy Leaves Couple in Hysterics When They Get Home – Find Out Why!

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Sometimes, a mistake can actually lead to something really good. And this hilarious, yet extremely adorable story is all about that!

Sue Markham was working at a local kennel when she decided it was the right time for her to adopt a puppy. Sue and her husband always wanted a small pup, so they thought a Jack Russel would be the perfect choice. But little did they know the things will go into a tally different way.

As you probably know, Jack Russell is a small-sized breed of dogs, so Sue didn’t expect Yogi to get bigger than 19 pounds. So you can imagine her surprise when the pup kept getting bigger and bigger and ended up growing into one of the biggest dogs in the United Kingdom, the massive Mantle Great Dane.

Yogi weighs no less than 15-stone and eats about $80 worth of food every single week. It’s safe to say that this wasn’t what Sue pictured when she imagined her “Jack Russell” puppy turning into an adult, but she says that she never regretted getting Yogi.

The only problem was that Sue’s husband wasn’t too fond of the idea of having a big dog in the house and the only reason he agreed to it in the first place was because Sue told him that she bought a tiny puppy that he would barely notice around the home.

Well, Yogi is impossible to ignore and can be quite intimidating to look at. But despite his imposing stature, Yogi is actually a kind, loving dog that likes to cuddle.

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