Massive black bear casually interrupts family’s picnic only to join them

This family decided to have a quiet picnic in a remote forest area in Maryland, yet they somehow ended up sharing their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a massive black bear. Honestly, I initially thought this was some sort of joke, but I quickly changed my mind after watching the footage of the family and their uninvited guest sitting at the same table

Image credits Caters/@Kaitlynnesbit

Just when Kaitlyn Nesbit and her family were enjoying a meal, a black bear decided to crush their picnic. Naturally, everyone’s heart started to pump like crazy, yet they soon learned what the bear’s real intentions were. The massive animal didn’t want to scare the group of people, but rather join them. She proved to be a big peanut butter fan! I know it looks pretty comical if you’re watching from he stands, but I would definitely not want to be in such a delicate situation. However, both the 29-year-old woman and her buddies, managed to keep their cool.

Image credits Caters/@Kaitlynnesbit

“Some of our group are used to being out in the wild so we were all told to not make sudden movements and stay where we were” Nesbit said. “Most of us were pretty scared and filmed from the deck but the brave tested their luck.”

Even so, it took a few moments until the men and woman come into their senses and when they realized the bear is nothing but hungry, one of the men got some bread and started to make a sandwich for their guest. Ironically, he even told the bear to wait until the peanut butter sandwich is ready, and she waited just like a dog would have done.

Image credits Caters/@Kaitlynnesbit

After spending a few minutes in the company of the group, and of course – after gobbling a couple of delicious sandwiches – the bear found her way into the woods!

You can watch the incredible moment, here:

Although in this particularly situation no one was harmed, in case of an encounter with a wild animal you should not feed them. In fact, Maryland is illegal to feed bears.

“DON’T FEED IT!,” an advice from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources reads.”Seeing bears can be very enjoyable, but it can lead to problems that will persist long after you have gone home!”

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