Dog sends everyone into laughter when asked to ‘play dead’ on TV show

There’s nothing more satisfying than teaching your dog a new trick and showing it off in front of your friends and family. Well, unless your friends and family are watching your dog doing tricks on national television!

YouTube/Video Beagle

The owner of the cute pup in the video can boast about showcasing his dog’s amazing skills on David Letterman’s show. Bailey the beagle, the pup, has a unique talent that would envy many dog owners. Bailey has mastered playing dead, and can perform it from any position. Bailey doesn’t even need to lie down to show off this trick. This elevates the classic play dead trick to a new level, not something every dog can do. You’re unlikely to have seen a dog perform this trick before!

YouTube/Video Beagle

The dog’s hilarious ability will definitely put a smile on your face. I think we all need more of that, so make sure to share these adorable images with all of your friends and family online! Have a look!

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