Adorable footage shows baby monkey caring for tiny ducklings like they’re his family

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It is always heartwarming to see baby animals doing things together, especially when different species. This time a baby monkey and his five duckling friends are winning hearts all over the place. These unlikely companions have been recently caught on camera spending time together and it is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while!

The precious eight minutes long footage has been filmed nearly a month ago and it already gained over 45 million views. But it only takes a few seconds to fell in love with it. Watching a baby monkey looking after five baby ducks like they are his little brothers will definitely put a big smile on your face and a spark into your heart.

It is unclear how the ducklings and their friend ended up together, but what’s crystal clear is the bond they share. While the baby ducks stay around the monkey like he’s their mom, the baby monkey is constantly looking to hug his even tinier friends.

But after they chased around for a while, everyone got hungry. So naturally, they eat together as well. While the cute ducklings serve some boiled rice, the baby monkey eats his bottle of milk full with nutrients. After such a meal, you may expected them to get some rest, but no – playtime goes on.

Though the ducklings are following their monkey friends everywhere, things are getting a little bit complicated when he climbs a three. At some point even he gets surprised why his fluffy friends are not behind him, but he spots them at the bottom of the three.

These cute little fellas hanging together all day long is the cutest thing to see. Take a peek bellow!

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