Adorable baby elephant fails to cross over a fallen tree and goes viral

A sweet baby elephant has recently won the people’s hearts all over the Internet, after finding herself in a pretty embarrassing situation. The calf was trying to climb over a fallen tree, but she got stuck. The hilarious moment was caught on camera by a local, and the result will brighten up your day!

Tertia Sandhu

A mother elephant and her two calves were walking through a forest just outside the village of Chowkham in India. The three wild animals were accompanied by some locals. At some point, one of the calves – the 2-year-old Phantom – stumbled across an obstacle. A fallen tree was standing right in front of him.

Tertia Sandhu

Very determined and ambitious, the tiny elephant was trying to follow his mother and cross over the tree, but the situation proved a little too tough for him, as he got stuck. However, the little one’s persistence paid off eventually, and he managed to make it over. But not effortlessly though!

Tertia Sandhu

After he almost embarrassed himself, the brave Phantom continued his road alongside his mother, Maruti, and his 7-year-old elder brother, Babulal. Though the elephant family roams freely in the jungle, they are also extremely familiar with the villagers, and they seem to feel extremely comfortable around them.

Watch the now viral video of Phantom failing to cross over the fallen tree!

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