Baby elephant is minding his own business. When he sees a goat, that’s when I start laughing!

There are endless videos online that depict unlikely friendships between animals of all types and sizes. There’s no logical explanation for why animals that are so different from one another become friends and develop strong relationships. But just like animals can become friends for no particular reasons, they can also develop irrational fears from one another.
That being said, you know how they say elephants are afraid of mice, despite their size? Well, we don’t know about that, but if the video below is any indication of the truth, elephants are terrified of goats. And we’re not talking about any type of goats, we’re talking about baby goats – which are without doubt some of the most adorable and harmless animals in the animal kingdom.
The adorable baby elephant in the video below got the scare of its life, and it was all because of a tiny goat that was in no way a threat for the elephant. After the “terrifying” baby goat showed up on the scene, the baby elephant hauls out a hysterical shriek before running to its mother.
As far as animal videos go, this one is definitely worth the watch! Check it out:

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