Baby couldn’t tell his parents about rude sitter, but his dog could

Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time with dogs can attest to their amazing nature. Dogs have a special bond with humans that is unrivaled by virtually any other animal.

Their loyalty knows no bounds and they are often overly kind, making them the most dedicated protectors. This is why they have been considered man’s best friend for as long as anyone can remember.

Dogs are often heralded for their life-saving abilities and their innate ability to detect things that humans cannot. For instance, when Benjamin and Hope Jordan hired a babysitter to look after their newborn, Finn, their dog, Killian, immediately sensed something was amiss. Whenever the nanny got too close to Finn, Killian would snarl at her as if he instinctively knew she posed a threat to his family.


In search of a caregiver for their young child Finn, Benjamin and Hope Jordan relocated to Charleston, South Carolina. They diligently searched for a nanny they believed was suitable and eventually hired someone for the job. But after five months of employment, the couple began to observe a shift in their dog’s behavior.

“He started getting real defensive at first, he would stand in between her and our son, and then gradually turned into more aggression towards her,” the father told Fox News. “That’s when Hope really started to notice something’s wrong.”


As Hope’s suspicions intensified, the couple decided to take action. They placed an iPhone under the couch to record background noise for seven and a half hours, hoping to capture any evidence of mistreatment while they were away. Upon listening to the recording, Hope described it as a “nightmare.”


The recording revealed that their son had cried incessantly for the entire seven and a half hours. The nanny used derogatory language for no apparent reason. Benjamin and Hope also heard slapping sounds and indications that the nanny had shaken Finn.

Learn more about the dog’s heroic actions in the video below!

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