Camera captures arctic wolves howling and it’s the most beautiful sound you’ll ever hear

Though communication skills are crucial for wild animals, some species transformed their ability ‘to talk’ to each other, into an art. When it comes to the sounds that animals make, nothing can match the emblematic howl of a wolf. But what about three gorgeous white wolves displaying a syncronized howling?!

Screenshot via YouTube

In the kind of footage that animal kingdom may offer once-in-a-lifetime, an arctic wolfpack was caught on camera using their highly impressive communicative skills, and the moment is nothing short of amazing. Filmed in the Wolfspark Werner Freund – a wolf sanctuary in the city of Merzig, Germany, the short footage shows the three beautiful arctic wolves laying on the snow, when one of them suddenly started to howl. Then, in a perfectly syncronized act, the other two follow in an incredible chorus howl.

Screenshot via YouTube

“The video was shot in ‘Wolfspark Werner Freund’ where visitors can see different wolf packs (Arctic, European Grey, and Timber wolves) and listen to the packs howl in chorus,” the video caption reads. You can watch the adorable moment, below!

Although wolves howl with so many occasions, they usually chorus howl in order to defend their territory. This kind of howl can be started by any member of the pack, not only the alpha male. It can start from their own initiative, or it can be a response to other pack howling in the neighborhood. Every wolf has its own distinctive howl, and surprisingly, they recognize each other’s howls. The wolves howl mostly during the sunset!

h.t: whitewolfpack

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