Adventurous cat returns home after three days with funny note around her neck

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Unlikely any other furry companion, cats usually have that habit to go missing for days. The secretive cats use to wonder the neighborhood, while their owners are waiting concerned for them to get back home. And when they finally decided to return to their families, no one has any idea about their adventures

Well, recently a cat owner finally got that mystery solved, after his kitten returned home with a note around her neck. After his cat had been missing from home for three days, this owner in Thailand had to learn the truth about his cat’s adventures on the hard way. When she got back home, the mischievous cat had a sort of a collar with a funny message on it, to let him know where his precious kitten had been.

The second he read it, the owner realized his cat isn’t carrying a blessing message or something, but a ‘bill.’ The poor man was surprised to discover that all this time she was missing, her beloved cat was actually visiting the fish market, a specifically vendor, actually. And there, she had done more than watching!

“Your cat kept eyeing the mackerels at my stall,” the hilarious note read. “So I gave him three.” The not also included some contact infos, to be easier for the cat’s owner to pay her debt. Of course, since his cat had returned home all by herself, he assumed the debt was already paid. However, such a creative way couldn’t had passed unnoticed, so the man decided to share it on Facebook. “Gone three days and back with debts,” the now viral post read.

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