Adorable bobcats family move into woman’s front yard for over a month

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Coming across a family of wild cats when you step outside your house in the morning isn’t the kind of situation you easily deal with. But things may change a little bit if you live a few steps away from the Sonoran Desert in Arizona.

Kate Smith from Mesa, has recently shared an adorable snap on Twitter to show the world how her front porch looks like. The now viral photo shows a mother bobcat and her two cubs peacefully taking a nap on the woman’s property. Waking up with such a lovely sight can only be pleasing, but Kate says the uninvited guests are already there for nearly a month now and they don’t look like they are about to leave any time soon.

“These guys have been here for a month,” Smith told to Daily Mesa News. “I was told that once the boys are old enough to hunt alone they should move on, but they have been here for a while.”

The woman initially called the Arizona Game and Fish Department and asked for help, but according the officials transporting bobcats can be pretty dangerous for the animals. So for the love she cares for wildlife, Kate eventually accepted her guests (no rent required). She can only hope that one day, the adorable cats will leave her porch.

“The answer they gave me was that if you took them out of their territory, they usually don’t survive, so I said, ‘Oh, forget it,” the woman said. “I have a sign in the driveway for the delivery people to tell them not to come into our yard. All the neighbors and family know that they shouldn’t come to the front door. Our dog is grounded at this point.”

Although they share the same porch, the wildlife officials warned Kate to not get to close to the bobcats as they may get uncomfortable and that could make them aggressive. “Everyone says, ‘Oh my god, give them water,’ but deer and fish told me not to give them water because they didn’t want them to be comfortable,” Kate said.

This woman in Santa Fe, New Mexico also woke up with a lovely bobcat family who comfortably took over her porch. She even recored them. Watch them bellow:

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