A photographer followed this red squirrels for six years and here are some of his cutest shots

Geert Weggen is an internationally awarded nature photographer who is very fond of the tiny adventures Mother Nature’s delightful critters go on everyday. For about six years, the Swedish-Dutch national followed red squirrels and tiny birds, and captured many of their curious moments in their minuscule world. Becoming a full-time photographer in 2013, he focused his art on covering the funny, oddly beautiful, and interestingly amusing world of red squirrels. Many of his photographs look a lot like something one would see from a Chip and Dale cartoon; comical and cartoonish moments forever frozen in time. From scurries looking for berries, to kits sniffing flowers, and adorable little mushroom thieves, Weggen’s album will sure put a smile on your face.

The wind was just perfect for capturing this photo. Published in National Geographic, it won Photo of the Day!



Source https://www.brightvibes.com; Instagram/ Geert Weggen

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