4-Year-Old Dumps Kibble On Kitchen Floor and Tells Mom to Watch the Hungry Pit Bulls

If you’ve ever had a dog, then you know feeding time can turn into quite an adventure. Most dogs out there are not exactly patient when it comes to eating and they can often get a bit too enthusiastic. Loud barking and even jumping is considered typical behavior and are quite common among dogs, regardless of their breed

The dogs in the video below, however, are extremely well-behaved, in spite of all misconceptions that exist about their breed. The Pit bulls wait patiently as food is given to them. The best part? The person feeding them is actually only 4-years-old!
The four male dogs sit and watch as their tiny owner spills all their food on the floor without ever looking impatient. When the little girl finally tells them they can eat, the dogs go for the food without displaying any type of aggressive behavior and without trying to safeguard their food.
Apart from being an adorable video that shows the beautiful connection between dogs and owners, it also comes to prove that a dog’s behavior depends more on the way that dog was brought up and less on its breed.
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