Woman waves to a bear from her car – bear has the funniest response

In a demonstration of his intelligence and amicability, Grizzly has defied the stereotype of bears lacking good manners by reciprocating a girl’s wave with one of his own. Typically not recognized for their sociability, this affable creature has extended a cordial greeting to visitors of his wildlife sanctuary. The video capturing the enormous Kodiak bear waving at onlookers has captivated online audiences, who are thrilled by his cheerful disposition.


Despite his size, this 300-pound brown bear is surprisingly personable. While one might assume that this particular bear is accustomed to visitors and onlookers at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington, it was this woman who seemed to bring out his charmingly amiable demeanor. The farm is home to hundreds of animals, including massive brown bears like this one, but their interaction was truly exceptional and caught everyone off guard.


In a brief seven-second clip, visitors can be seen waving at a bear who appears to return the gesture, and it is believed to have been filmed at the Olympic Game Farm in Washington. This wildlife sanctuary has a specialization in providing a home for animals that have previously worked in showbusiness – this might account for the bear’s evident joy in engaging with humans.

Disney has collaborated with the farm for numerous years, particularly during the production of their nature documentaries.


The video, while short, is utterly hilarious, showcasing the unmistakable reaction of the bear. It’s hard not to burst into laughter, particularly when such a magnificent creature as this brown bear responds in such a comical way. Take a look at the woman from the car:

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