Woman only shares her ice cream with one of her dogs — then reveals the hilarious reason why

It’s a well-known fact that dogs have a fondness for food, and most owners are more than happy to treat them to a delicious snack from time to time.

However, dogs aren’t always experts at pacing themselves or sharing their food with fellow pets, prompting owners to exercise some caution.

A recent viral video hilariously illustrates this point, as a dog owner amusingly explains why she enforces a wait-your-turn policy for one of her dogs when it comes to enjoying a sweet treat.

The video, shared by the YouTube channel Coopers Dogpatch, features a woman taking her two dogs—Daisy, the smaller one, and Cooper, the larger one—to McDonald’s, where she indulges them with an ice cream cone.

Nevertheless, the owner is firm about allowing only Daisy to enjoy the ice cream cone first, preventing Cooper from getting a taste.

Initially, this might come across as favoritism toward Daisy, and it might seem a bit harsh to make Cooper wait, especially when his eagerness for some ice cream is evident.

However, the video quickly reveals that the owner has a valid justification for having Cooper eat second—and to understand the reason, it’s best to watch the video yourself:

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