Woman notices teeth protruding from blaze – takes a closer look and grasps imminent need for swift action

However, in the midst of a disaster, it’s often overlooked that our concern for safety extends beyond just humans. Our animal companions, the ones with four legs, also require assistance for their survival. While on the scene amidst the devastation caused by the fire, reporter Gina Silva and her team stumbled upon a severely distressed residence.

Gina Silva/Facebook

Amidst the chaos, they encountered Kenny, a horse who had attempted to flee his stable but found himself trapped against a wall just outside, unable to break free. The thick smoke and raging flames made it challenging for Gina and her team to single-handedly rescue Kenny. Moreover, the local firefighters were fully engaged in battling the spreading inferno. Despite these obstacles, the rescuers devised an alternative plan. Leveraging Gina’s extensive reach as a journalist, she took to Twitter and shared a message!

This decision turned out to be quite astute.

In a remarkably short span of 20 minutes, individuals from all corners of the city came across the message and extended their assistance. A veterinarian administered tranquilizers to Kenny, and the combined efforts of the rescuers gradually expanded the gap in the wall until it was sizable enough for Kenny to maneuver through. Despite being 23 years of age, Kenny was transported to a veterinary clinic where he could convalesce in a serene environment. Subsequently, the reunion with his owner followed swiftly, and Kenny’s current state of well-being is a testament to this fortunate resolution.

How serendipitous that this distressing episode culminated in a joyful outcome, owed largely to Gina’s fortuitous presence and her swift, resolute action!

Gina Silva/Facebook

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