Woman goes to give owl bath with squirt bottle, its hilarious reaction has the Internet on fire

Owls are fascinating creatures that easily capture everyone’s attention with their alien-like face and mysterious behavior. Most of us don’t really think about these birds as pets, and it’s for good reason, as it is illegal to keep owls without special permits in most countries. However, in some parts of the world, individuals can get special approval to keep owls after necessary training and proper facilities have been built.

There is no way of knowing for sure what their situation is and how did the owner in the video below managed to get away with living with an owl, but it’s safe to say she has a certain level of expertise when it comes to owl care and behavior.

That’s how she managed to come up with creative solutions to address the challenges that come with raising a prey bird in a domestic environment. For instance, the woman figured out a smart way to give her owl a bath without putting the bird in any discomfort whatsoever. And the way she did it was using a squirt bottle. Watch the owl’s surprising reaction here:

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