Woman finally returns home after 3 weeks abroad and her horse’s reaction is priceless


I know it sounds completely selfish, but one of the best things about having a pet is getting to come home to it at the end of a long day and have it greet you like you’re the most incredible person in the entire world. As you’ve surely know, dogs are by far the best at this.

They wiggle their tails, they jump all over you and pretty much look at you like you are some sort of mighty God. It feels nice, I’m not going to lie. Cats, on the other hand, fall at the other end of the spectrum. Now, I know I can’t speak for all cats, but most felines out there only care about their owners getting back home if there’s something in it for them.

But how about horses? There aren’t that many videos out there of horses greeting their owners, but we’ve managed to come across a great one. And if you were to judge solely by it, it’s safe to say dogs have some pretty tough competition as best greeters!

This adorable horse hasn’t seen her owner for over three weeks, and his reaction is downright precious! Just watch the adorable video bellow!