Woman fights off cougar attacking 7-year-old son


A Canadian woman says her “mom instinct” kicked in when she fought off a cougar after attacking her 7-year-old son, in their backyard. Chelsea Lockhart from Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island was doing household chores when she heard her son desperately screaming. As fast as possible she just rushed to the backyard to find out her little boy fighting for his life, ABC News reports.

“I ran downstairs and I ran toward his voice. I turned the corner and saw this animal on my child,” Chelsea told CTV. “He was on the ground and the cougar was attached to his arm. I had a mom instinct, right? I just leaped on it and I tried to pry its mouth open.”

The woman admits she can explain how she got the strength, but she managed to take the young cougar off her son by prying its mouth.

“I looked at him and I just thought, ‘Oh my god, my kid could die right before my eyes.’ All you think is, ‘What can you do? What can you do in your own physical strength?'” the woman recalled. “I’m so grateful for him to be alive.”

Chelsea says it is a miracle that her son survived after the terrible incident. Zachery only had “a few injuries cuts his neck and arms” and the doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

“I knew that in my own power and in my own strength I wasn’t going to be able to pry its mouth open, so I started praying in tongues. I’m just crying out to the Lord,” she said. “Three sentences into me praying, it released and it  ran away.”

“We are definitely well on our way to recovery and Zach is resting at his grandma’s house, having some one-on-one time there,” Zachery’s mom said. “His stitches are healing; he is well on his way to being fully recovered.”

According to British Columbia Conservation Officer Service, two young cougars, both males were found at about 20 yards away from the incident. Unfortunately, the animals were euthanized as Scott Norris, sergeant with British Columbia Conservation Officer Service declared.

“The mom looked out from her deck and saw the cougar on top of him, and sprang into action,” Norris told ABC News on Tuesday. “She grabbed the cougar and yanked it off her child.”

It isn’t the first time a mom finds the strength to fight off a wild animal to protect her baby. Three years ago another mom managed to fought a mountain lion after attacking her five year old son!