Woman comes face-to-face with enormous puma while hiking alone

Although for many of us – wildlife enthusiasts – a close encounter with a massive wild cat sounds like a dream come true, when this really happens, you wished it never did! It is also the case of a woman who recently came nose-to-nose with a big puma while hiking. An experience she will definitely never forget.


Tara Bray was enjoying her hike through the dramatic landscape of Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile, when she had the most heart-thumping experience she ever had – she crossed her path with a massive puma. At first Bray was left stunned by the wild animal’s presence, but she soon came into senses when realized the big wild cat wasn’t interested in meeting new people at the time, and she casually continued her journey through the bushes.


Nevertheless, the woman got very scared, but she still found the power to captured the unexpected encounter on her cellphone, which she later shared on Instagram!


“I swear I thought I was going to be breakfast,” the woman wrote. “I was definitely scared and was hoping that it wouldn’t come closer, so I’m so glad it just continued on its way.”

You can watch the moment here!


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When reaching the adulthood, pumas can be absolut units, measuring up to 8 feet long. Although fearless predators, these majestic animals are extremely elusive, and usually avoid human presence. Patagonia is the region with the most pumas in the world.

“I hike a lot and I haven’t ever encountered an animal that big or that close,” Bray explained to The Dodo. “In that moment I was very surprised and terrified, but now I am in awe and grateful.”

(h.t: thedodo | instagram)

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