Woman Brings in Old Lion Statue, Never Expecting It Would Bring the Appraiser to Tears


What if an object you’ve kept around the house for years and years because it was passed on from someone important in your life and not because you thought it had monetary value actually turned out be a worth a small fortune?
It’s a scenario most of us can only fantasize about, but the woman in the video below actually got to live it after she got an object inherited from her family appraised by a professional. Taking advantage of the fact that Antiques Roadshow stopped in Albuquerque, New Mexico to find out how much a piece passed down from her grandparents was actually worth.
The woman explained that her grandparents traveled to China decades ago for work and there is where they picked up the heavy gray marble statue. One of the first things the appraiser noticed looking at the piece was its impeccable detailing. It was obvious to him that a lot of craftsmanship went into the execution of the statue.
And after looking at it in more detail, the man was ready to offer his opinion on how much the piece was worth – and the whopping figure left everyone present speechless! To find out what the figure was, check out the video below: