Watch two lynx having a very intense conversation

What on earth are these two screaming about?!

I am pretty sure we all have that one friend whom we argue a lot to the point that everybody around hears nothing but yelling. As it turns out, this doesn’t happens only to humans but too animals as well, with these two lynx the perfect example! A now viral, and extremely hilarious, footage of two lynx that seem to argue about something was recently caught on camera in Ontario, Canada. Their human-like behavior is making waves on social media, with people wondering what’s the reason they’re yelling at each other in this way!


The lynx’s behavior is even stranger, thinking that these felines are usually pretty solitaire creatures, according to Defenders Of Wildlife. Therefore it is quite an unlikely sighting for these two to be spotted together. Anyway, what exactly are these lynx screaming about?

Storyful/Nicole Lewis

According to Kim Poole, biologist and lynx expert at the Aurora Wildlife Research Canada, their intense conversation might actually be a territorial dispute. “The timing is a bit odd, as they are adults and in late May it is birthing time, not breeding, which generally occurs in late March,” Poole explained for BuzzFeed. “It is difficult to tell  but they could be adult males that are having a territorial ‘discussion.’”

Storyful/Nicole Lewis

However, another animal expert, Carole Baskin, founder of Big Cat Rescue, explained for the same news outlert, that this might also be “a nearly grown kitten” with its mother, who may be encouraging it to hunt: “[S]he’s telling him there’s no free lunch anymore.”

Well, we’ll probably never guess the reason behind their argue, but either it’s because they’re about to fight or they’re having a moment of nostalgia, the footage of them is totally comical. Take a look!

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