Watch heroic German Shepherd protecting young boy from neighbor’s dog attack

A German Shepherd named Tank bravely defended its young owner during a dangerous encounter with a neighboring dog. The six-year-old boy was playing on the front lawn of a South Florida home when the escaped neighbor’s dog charged towards him. Tank quickly stepped in to protect the youngster. The dramatic scene was caught on camera!


The one-year-old German Shepherd, named Tank saved his human brother when neighbor’s dog threatened to attack him.
The protective dog used his instincts to push the young boy, and then he guarded him. In the now viral footage, video of the incident, the little boy is seen running to his mother as the neighbor intervenes to end the fight.

The dramatic video was initially shared online by the boy’s dad. “Tank had it under control,” the man wrote online. “Our son was fine and the other dog was taken back home by his owner.”


Watch the moment here!

“Our neighbor’s dog randomly charged at my son last night and my Tanky saved him from getting mauled or worse,” the boy’s mother wrote on Facebook. She also praised the heroic pup as “the man, the myth, the legend,” noting that the family had purchased him for $300 from a Facebook seller offering him as a puppy.

The parents also said the dog wasn’t actually professional trained to protect their children. His instincts just kicked in, and saved the helpless kid.

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