Watch cockatoo’s hilarious reaction when mom feeds him broccoli

Apparently, not just children have a low appetite for vegetables, but birds as well. Even though veggies are very healthy, they might not be too tasty, and this naughty cockatoo definitely knows it. So when his owner offers him a bawl with broccoli, he’s far from happy!

Eric the Legend

Eric – a very famous cockatoo – also known as Eric the Legend all over the Internet, hit again with another comical footage in his unmistakable way. As it turned out, after a visit to the vet, Eric had to be put on a veggie diet, yet no one asked him if he likes vegetables or not. So when his owner feeds him some boiled broccoli, the noisy bird isn’t too impressed.

Eric the Legend

The hilarious video footage starts with Eric’s mom full of confidence. “Right, we’re gonna try this again, Eric,” she says. “I just want you to show all the kids out there how you eat your broccoli.” But she’s quickly silenced by the cockatoo, as he simply refuses to eat his broccoli. More, when he gets the bawl of broccoli, he throws a temper tantrum, before picking up the veggies and throwing them away; and the bawl as well.

Eric the Legend

But the woman decides to give it another try, and she handles another bawl to Eric, and then a third one. But convincing the stubborn bird to eat his veggies, proves a really hard sell as he keeps throwing them off the table.

You can watch the funny scene here:

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