Unbelievable: zookeeper is attacked by lion, but lioness comes to his rescue

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It’s unsurprising that lions are often referred to as the rulers of the jungle, especially in light of a chilling viral video that has caught everyone’s attention.

In a scene that unfolded as families gathered around an enclosure, a lion suddenly launched an attack on an unsuspecting keeper. What transpired next was both unexpected and heart-stopping – a lioness swiftly intervened to rescue the keeper. The video of this dramatic incident has understandably gone viral after resurfacing on Reddit, leaving viewers in complete shock due to the abrupt and intense shift of events.


The footage portrays two zookeepers within the lion’s enclosure, observing a male lion and a lioness that appeared to be resting calmly on the ground. In the midst of this, one keeper made the critical error of focusing on the male lion, which nearly cost him dearly.

The camera momentarily shifted its focus, only to hurriedly return amidst cries from onlookers as the lion lunged at the keeper, prompted by the keeper’s eye contact. In a harrowing turn of events, the massive feline managed to bring the keeper down, attempting to sink its teeth into his leg.

In a swift response, the fellow keeper rushed to provide assistance. However, it was the lioness’s rapid reactions that proved pivotal, ultimately ensuring the safety of both men. She sprang into action, descending upon her companion and nipping at his tail as he got up. Eventually, she positioned herself between him and the zookeepers, guiding him away from the potentially dangerous situation until he departed, visibly perturbed.


This quick and effective intervention likely spared the lives of at least one of the men involved.

Since the video resurfaced, it has triggered a range of strong reactions from people. It’s believed that the incident occurred in a Las Vegas hotel.

Check out the terryfying video:

Redditors were swift to empathize with the lion, with one commenter noting, “His posture, his body language – it exudes ‘Challenge,’ and the lion interpreted it as such. I wouldn’t say he deserves harm, but the lion should be pardoned, while the man should never be allowed near a wild animal enclosure again.” Another individual added, “The man stared down the lion. Staring into the eyes of wild animals is never devoid of threat.”

A third person criticized the zoo, asserting, “Any reputable zoo would never permit workers or anyone to be in such close proximity to lions. These individuals clearly lack proper training in animal care.”

Despite the gravity of the situation, some took a humorous perspective, with one commentator playfully remarking, “I think I overheard the lioness say, ‘You’re a handful wherever we go.'”

Truly, the dangers of entering a lion’s den were not exaggerated.

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