Two tiny puppies fall into pit with a cobra – 48 hours later rescuers are shocked

The presence of a large number of stray dogs in India can lead to several problems. For example, two adorable puppies were separated from their mother and fell into a deep pit, which was beyond their mother’s rescue. What made the situation worse was that the pit was already occupied by a deadly king cobra, posing a threat to the helpless puppies.

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Occasionally, incidents occur that seem like they could only happen in movies. The rescue workers in India had a similar experience on this specific day. The puppies were at risk of losing their lives from a single bite, as the venom of a king cobra is potent enough to kill an elephant. Adding to their troubles, the pit into which the puppies had fallen was muddy, which increased the likelihood of them getting trapped.

Although people were concerned about the safety of the puppies, cobras do not typically consider them as prey. Nonetheless, the potential danger of the venomous snake being in close proximity was still a cause for concern. Strangely, the cobra appeared to be safeguarding the puppies and preventing them from moving towards the more treacherous side of the well.

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For 48 hours, the puppies and the cobra remained in the same location, with the snake closely monitoring the situation. When the rescue team arrived to save the puppies, the cobra moved aside without any trouble, making the rescue mission a success. It is heartening to witness animals of different species and sizes exhibit a unique ability to protect and support each other, and this is a lesson that humans can learn from.

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