Ignored for 50 years, this elephant cried during rescue. Years-later, look how he’s transformed


Do you remember Raju, the elephant that cried tears of joy during his rescue after he has been in chains for more than five decades? His heartbreaking story went viral a few years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Luckily, the change was for the better.

The clip below shows Raju one year after his dramatic rescue back in 2014, and even back then, the elephant looked completely transformed. During the year spent at Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura from the streets of Allahabad, the elephant learned what it means to lead a happy, peaceful life.
More importantly, he learned to love again and to trust people. His transformation is downright incredible and one more proof that elephants are strong, enduring animals that have the power to overcome things that no one, regardless of their specie, should experience.

Raju got his happy ending and can live his final years in peace, but unfortunately, not the same can be said for hundreds of other elephants being kept in captivity and still ignored and hurt by heartless people whose only concern is making a profit.

So please share this clip with others and help others to understand that we should be kind with animals!