Tiny Baby Is Upset, Watch How Their Dog Takes Control Of The Situation

When it comes to raising a baby, all help is welcomed. That’s because babies need a lot of attention, all the time. Generally speaking, the baby’s close relatives are the ones who are always willing to lend a helping case, but what says pets can’t pitch in from time to time as well?
If the clip below is any indication of the truth, pets can actually be super helpful when it comes to raising a child. The pup in it showed it has the skills it need to make a baby stop crying in a matter of seconds, and it’s as adorable as it is impressive.
As soon as the baby starts crying, the dog begins to make loud noises, as if it was competition with the baby on who can be the loudest in the house. And then is when the most incredible thing happens! Surprised by the high notes that the pup can reach, the baby actually stops crying, which is no small feat, as most parents will tell you.
If you’re looking for a video that will instantly put a smile on your face, look no more, because this is the right video for you!

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