Meet Thor, the most adorable Bengal cat in the world

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All animals have their own beauty. However, I must admit I’ve always been in love with wild cats, but this feline’s beauty is something else. I mean, have you ever seen anything more majestic?

Meet Thor, a Bengal cat you’ll instantly fall in love with. And it definitely cannot be otherwise. Just look at those emerald green eyes what seem to be just out of this world. Needless to say his fur looks so purrfect you really need to ask yourself, is it even real?

And since such a majestic creature could be nothing but famous, the Instagram is the perfect place for the adorable cat to shine and steal millions of hearts. Even his owner couldn’t resist in front of his imposing stature

“I definitely feel like his servant!” the owner Rani Cucicov told Bored Panda. “Whenever he opens his mouth, we are ready to serve him, but I gotta admit that we get lots of love in place for it!”

According to the Bored Panda, the Bengal cats aren’t like the regular domestic cats, since they share parts of their DNA with the wild cats. This could be the reason of their fascinating beauty and unique character.

“Thor is a very active and lovable cat!” his owner added.”He talks all day long and if we don’t answer his meowing, he gets pissed.”

And despite its sublime looking, Thor’s owner admits his spoiled fur baby acts just like a kid, especially when it’s bed time. “He seems like a child who doesn’t want to go to sleep,” he said. “But after a few minutes he gets calm and goes to bed.”

However, when they got visitors, Thor puts away his childish behavior and adopts a much more arrogant allure. “When we have a visitor, he doesn’t run away like some cats, but he goes to check who it is and to smell their scent. And if he likes them, they will hear it from Thor himself with a few massive meows.”

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