This tiny seal was stuck in rocks for hours, but a group of volunteers saves her

It’s part of a seal’s daily routine to relax on the rocks after a swimming session, but for this baby seal hanging on the rocky beach of St. Mary’s Island in the UK, didn’t went as planned. The tiny creature stuck in the rocks, unable to move and desperately crying for help.

Fortunately for the poor creature, a group of people was walking on the beach at that time and spotted her. However, they initially thought there’s nothing wrong with the marine creature, but they soon realized the tiny seal was stuck between the rocks as she wasn’t moving at all and constantly crying. So they they alerted the staff at the St. Mary’s Seal Watch.

Image credits Facebook/St. Mary’s Island Wildlife Conservation Society




“Normally when seals appear stuck, they will manage to get themselves out, but this poor thing was well and truly trapped,” St. Mary’s Seal Watch wrote about the rescue in a Facebook post. “It is likely that having been spooked and attempting to get across the rocks from where it was resting that young pup misjudged the hole it was trying to cross and slid backwards.”

Image credits Facebook/St. Mary’s Island Wildlife Conservation Society

But only when the volunteers arrived at the scene, they realized the things look worst than they thought and there would take a lot of time and patience to set the mammal free. The team also needed to move gently, because any rash decisions could harmed the seal. “Even at this young age seals are very heavy and have extremely sharp teeth and give a nasty and dangerous bite,” they said. “We couldn’t just pull [her] out as this could result in injury to either the seal or us.

So they started the rescue by putting a towel on the baby seal’s head. In this way they made sure they won’t be harmed and the animal would be less stressed. Using some planks of drift woods they managed to move the massive rocks, while another member of the rescue team carefully pulled the creature and finally lift her out.

Image credits Facebook/St. Mary’s Island Wildlife Conservation Society

Thankfully the tiny seal got completely unharmed out of this delicate situation. After a medical check the volunteers released her back in the wild. “Luckily this little one was spotted early and with volunteers on site we were able to rescue it swiftly.”

h/t: Facebook

In the video bellow you can watch another successful rescue of a seal stuck between rocks:

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