This brave man risks his life to save a 400lb drowning bear


Black bears are huge creatures. They can heigh up to 6 feet tall and weigh around 400-600 pounds. So an encounter with such a large wild animal it’s not the kind of wish you put on your bucket list. But this biologist in Florida proved the love for the wildlife can help you to go beyond this fear, as he rescued a massive black bear from drowning

While black bears are very common in North America, it’s understandable why people got panic when spotted one in Florida. This 400-pound bear, driven by its incredible sense of smell, ended up in a residential neighborhood in Alligator Point, Florida. Here he started to dig into the residents garbage. But, it doesn’t take too long until the scared people alerted the authorities.

Shortly after the wildlife officials came in the area and they tried to tranquillize the animal in order to capture it and take him back into the forest.  But the things went terrible wrong.

After he got hit by the tranquilizer dart, the bear got panic and he headed to the ocean and finally he entered into the water. A fatal move for a sedated animal. Fortunately, Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Wildlife Commission did not intend to stand there and watch. So Adam jumped into the ocean, in a risky attempt to save the bear.

Imagine to swim around 75 feet with a 400lb bear to shore. It has to be a really difficult task. A task that our hero fully completed it, after he managed to drag the bear out of the water.

Needless to mention this rescue operation could have turned into something catastrophic for both the animal and Adam. However, while the bear escaped well and unharmed, Adam managed to get a few scratches.

In the end, the black bear made its way back into the Osceola National Forest, where its home was. All thanks to this brave man!

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