She tells her golden retriever to ‘clean the house.’ Now watch her dog clean up!

There are a lot of tricks my dog can’t do, and I’ve never held it against him. I mean, I’ll always love him no matter what. But if there was one trick I wish he could master, it has to be the one shown in the video below.
The clip shows a beautiful and smart Golden Retriever obeying his owner’s request to go and clean up after herself. One by one, the dog picks every single one of her toys off the ground and puts it into her toy box. Incredible, right? But the best part is that she actually seems to enjoy doing it. What others may see as a chore, she sees as a fun activity she can do to make her owner happy.
So it’s basically a win-win situation. Parents with toddlers will particularly be impressed by the dog’s incredible ability. They’d definitely use having someone around the house that can pick toys off the ground with a smile on his face.
This is surely something you need to see to believe, so go ahead and take a look! Also, don’t forget to share the images with the rest of your friends and family.

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