Teen makes bow ties for shelter animals to help them get adopted


Usually, when someone is looking to adopt a puppy, the difference is made by how cute its photos are. So the dog, or any other shelter animal waiting to be adopted, need to be as handsome as possible. Considering this, a teenager has managed to help thousands of animals getting adopted by help them look nice.

Since he was a little boy, Darius Brown from Newark, New Jersey, was fond of animals. And all he ever dreamed of was to comfort those in desperate need of help, like shelter animals. By the age of eight, his dream came true due to his love for designing bow ties. In 2017, the now 14-year-old boy made his first bow ties for helpless dog. Ever since, the big hearted boy made thousands of it. And every one has its own story!

“I saw all the destruction that was happening and I wanted to help but I didn’t know what,” Darius told Rachael Ray. “So, I follow a shelter on Facebook and I noticed that dogs were being transferred from Texas to New York. So I thought why not if I donate some of my bow ties to the shelter then the dogs would get adopted faster.”

Helping dogs, Darius is also helping himself. A few years ago, the gentle teenage was diagnosed with fine motor skills. So, to overcome his sickness, started to help his elder sister at cutting materials for bow ties. And that work went straight to his heart!

“I am a huge dog lover and I thought since people look great in bow ties I know a dog would look so cute and dapper in a bow tie,” Sir Darius told Treehugger. “So I made some bow ties for the dogs in hopes of them standing out so they could get adopted faster.”

Lately, Darius decided to also sell some of the bow ties he makes. And of course, the money go for the same great cause – helping animals in need. So far he sold over 1,000 bow ties.

“There is a huge demand of people wanting to purchase my bow ties and shelters requesting donations,” he said. “I’m working on getting additional help because of the demand.”

Darius’ sister also created an online fundraiser to support his company Beaux & Paws! You cal also help him to help shelter animals, here. Stay in touch with this boy’s great work by following him on Instagram!

This guy is my hero!

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