Teen Can’t Find a Date to Prom So Takes His Cat Instead. He Doesn’t Expect Her to Fall for Him

Whether you’re a boy or a girl, as a teenager, prom is a big deal. Everyone wants to look good, make a good impression and make memories that will last a lifetime. And while not admit it, pretty much everyone wants a date.
Well, for the teenage boy in the video below, the purr-fect date everyone dreams about was none other than the family feline. Sam Steingard, of Germantown, had no plans of asking one of his girl colleagues to go to prom with him. In fact, he refused to ask anyone, so one of his family members suggested he would go with the family’s cat.
It all started as a joke, partly because the teen’s mom didn’t want him to appear alone in his prom pictures. But Sam decided it was actually a good idea, so he got his cat all dressed up for the occasion and went on to prom.
And it all turned out great in the end. Sam’s mom got her not-so-traditional prom photos, and Sam got to become an Internet sensation basically overnight. Curios to see how they looked together on prom night?
Sure you are! Take a look at the video below to find out!

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