Study has found that people who talk to pets are smarter than those who don’t

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Someone eventually provided a defense for all pet owners who love to talk to their pets, but they can not do it without someone looking strange at them. It has been scientifically proven that people who talk to dogs are smarter than those who do not do that! You can now talk to pets as if they were people and not to be called “weird”! You are the one who has superior intelligence.

A Harvard University study made by Gary D. Sherman and Jonathan Haidt says that people who like pets more than humans and those who have a regular conversation with their pets are smarter and are not insane!

The study was focused on an act of assigning human personality to things that are not human or anthropomorphizing.

A professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago, Nicholas Epley, agrees with this, saying: “Historically, anthropomorphism has been treated as a sign of childishness or stupidity, but it is actually a natural product of the trend make intelligent people on this planet, ”

Sherman and Haidt, during the study, showed pictures of the young pets and adult animals to a group of people; most of them admitted to naming the baby animals and using specific gender pronouns. They also said they would talk to the animals if they had them.

Inanimate objects are also a huge part of anthropomorphism. So, if you own a stuffed dolphin, call him “George” and talk to him as if he were the only true friend, you can stay calm. All accusations of being crazy are dropped, and now you are more intelligent than normal “friends”!

This condition applies to any age. Therefore, no matter whether you’re 8 or 80 years old, you are still in the intelligent group!

An extraordinary example of anthropomorphism is the fact that scientists call all hurricanes by human names.

Just as it is used to them, it is customary for us to offer our pets this type of name and to spoil them by referring to them as “our babies.” This is the most common type of anthropomorphism made by people!

In addition, anthropomorphism is also a sign of a high level of creativity. For example, if you drew a picture of a man and glued it to the bedroom wall, you confused the brain and would like to name the person in the picture and have a conversation. But this is not crazy at all, this is a natural human behavior and, of course, a smart one!

Continuous anthropomorphism is, in addition, very useful for our pets! They begin to learn specific words and gestures from us, which facilitates communication. So, your dog, who recognizes your sadness or anger and feels empathetic, is actually a result of anthropomorphism.

Therefore, the next time someone gives you the “strange look” when talking to your pet, you know how to defend yourself! Continue and talk to your little friend and ignore any negative comments!

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