Str.ay Puppy turned out to be a Rare Australian Alpine Dingo!

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Most dingoes in the wild possess pure or high-content dingo DNA. In contrast, feral dogs are rare in these harsh environments because they lack the survival instincts and traits of dingoes, which are born in the wild and taught by their dingo alphas.

Wandi is a puppy that seemingly fell from the sky in a mysterious way. He was discovered in a backyard in Wandiligong, Australia, after the family who lived there heard whimpering sounds. To their surprise, this fluffy pup turned out to be a very rare Australian alpine dingo.

Noticing his foxlike facial features, the family took him to the Alpine Animal Hospital for a DNA test to confirm his breed. Dr. Rebekah Day, the veterinarian who examined Wandi, found claw marks on his back. It appeared that an eagle might have carried Wandi and dropped him, leading to his miraculous discovery.

Fortunately for Wandi, the Australian Dingo Foundation heard about him and requested his transfer to their sanctuary. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the conservation of wild canids, including the endangered alpine dingo.

Alpine dingoes are facing extinction due to hunting, interbreeding, and habitat destruction. In many parts of Australia, domestic-dog-dingo hybrids outnumber purebreds.

Wandi was just a pup when he arrived at the sanctuary, but he has grown significantly since then. The Australian Dingo Foundation hopes to provide a safe home for him and make him a vital part of their breeding program.

Wandi is both adorable and special 🙏❤️🐾🐾.

Interestingly, dingoes don’t have dewclaws, unlike most other breeds. They hunt their food and protect their territories, running in packs.

A dog’s behavior is largely influenced by their owner’s training. This applies to dingoes as well. Positive reward training and setting boundaries are essential, both at home and when outside.

While pedigree is secondary to the intrinsic value of a life, dingoes make great companions. However, keeping one confined while you’re at work can be quite a challenge. Good luck with that!

What a beautiful baby 💖.

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