Shoppers come face to face with massive brown bear in California grocery shop

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A Safeway grocery store in Lake Tahoe, California has recently became the favorite shopping destination for brown bears. In less than two weeks, two footages have emerged online showing a casually calm brown bear grabbing some food from the store. While it is unclear if it’s the same bear in both videos, one thing is certain – the bear community in Lake Tahoe loves shopping.

An initial footage aired online on August, 18, when a shopper came nose to nose with the huge beast. It was around 9 p.m. and Adina Baidoo was heading to the parking lot when witnessed something incredible – a massive brown bear had casually walked in and grabbed some Tostitos chips in its mouth. “This actual bear, right there, that I almost walked into, has gone into Safeway and decided… that he is going to go shopping,” the woman said.

A few days later, on August 27 another sight of a bear (it is unclear if it was the same individual) left the Safeway shoppers baffled. This time, the wild creature wanted some yogurt which it nonchalantly take it from the store. Fortunately no one had been injured in either situation.

Even surprising, sights like this are very common in Lake Tahoe. It is estimated that around 35,000 bears live there! With the hibernation season approaching, the bears seek for any source of food. That’s why the authorities are warning the population not to leave out anything that may attract the bears.

(Credits Twitter | THE DODO)

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