Sheep herding demonstration using Border Collies and Christmas lights

Christmas is still several months away, but this video will put you right in the holiday mood. That’s because it involves Christmas lights. But don’t think the clip shows any tips on how to decorate your tree or your home for the winter holidays. Nope. The clip is actually a sheep herding demonstration that is sure to get you as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

Using Border Collies, the guys behind this video managed to herd the sheep into amusing formations, and the result is absolutely amazing. I guess this is what you do if you’re a t what you do when you’re a bored Welsh shepherd, and you have some free time on your hands.

Before you call Animal Protection, you should know that the sheep were in no danger whatsoever. The lights that were used in this video are LED lights with low temperature, so the animals were completely safe at all time. They most likely didn’t feel any discomfort as the thick wool they have on acts like a cushion protecting the sheep.
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