He rescues four baby squirrels in need of help, doesn’t expect his cat to fall in love with them


The animal world is definitely no stranger to unlikely friendships, but this one takes things to a whole new level. It all started when the owner of the cat in the video below found four baby squirrels in a nest that had been knocked from a tree during a wild storm. Those poor little guys were extremely scared and with their home being destroyed, they desperately needed some help.


Peter, the man who found them, decided to take them in and try to nurse them back to health. His only concern was that his cat Netty was not going to be too happy about his decision. He was afraid the cat won’t welcome the squirrels and that it will be jealous of them.


But the cat’s reaction was totally unexpected. After a few sniffs and licks, the feline pretty much fell in love with them instantly. She immediately assumed the role of a bigger sister to them and now they are inseparable.

The squirrels love cuddling and taking naps on the cat’s belly, and Netty enjoys having four new friends she can chase and play with around the house. It really doesn’t get more adorable than this!