Watch these rescued tigers swimming for the first time

Planet Earth is a wonderful place, and most of the credit goes to all magnificent animals that live on it. But, unfortunately, many of them have been driven to extinction. And in most of the cases humans are to blame. Tigers are also on the endangered species list. It is estimated that around 3900 of these majestic animals left in the world. However, there are still many people out there who are trying to save those beauties. One of them is the owner of Carli and Lily.


These poor tigers were among the 19 exotic animals that were confiscated from a failed facility in New York. They were rescued from extremely dirty conditions where they suffered from neglect. Thankfully, they now have a new home at Safe Haven Rescue Zoo, a GFAS-verified wildlife sanctuary located in a very remote part of Nevada. But as the temperatures are going really high in this place, a pool is extremely necessary. And for Carli and Lily it was a great opportunity to see how swimming into a pool feels like.


“For the very first time, they’ll be able to feel what it’s like to swim,” IFAW wildlife rescue operator Kelly Donithan said. “It’s a contradictory world we live in—where too few wild creatures roam the wilderness and too many suffer behind bars. This isn’t conservation. Breeding big cats or other wild animals thousands of miles from their native territory for entertainment, photo opportunities, or private possession will not increase the numbers in the wild—nor will it truly educate the public on what a tiger (or any wild animal) really is.”


The moment these majestic creatures step into a pool for a very first time was caught on camera, and the moment is nothing short of heart-melting. Their reaction just says it all!

“Rescued tigers Carli and Lily now have a new home at Safe Haven Rescue Zoo,” the video caption reads. “Nestled in a high desert valley, guarded on all sides by towering mountain peaks, Safe Haven embodies an oasis.” Take a look:

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