Rescue dog rescues 52 people after Mexico earthquake. Join us in saying thank you!

They say dogs are man’s best friends, but if you ask me, they are so much more. And the incredible dog in the video below proves that dogs actually have the potential to be heroes.
Frida is a locally trained Golden Retriever who works with the Canine Unit of the Secretariat of the Navy of Mexico.
Leading teams through the rubbles, she has rescued 52 people after the earthquake that hit Mexico this year on September 7, and people from all over the world are coming together online to give thanks.
Frida is six years old and became a specialist in the search for lost persons about two years ago. Although she only completed her training 24 months ago, the courageous canine already has extensive experience in emergency situations, after having assisted human rescuers in Honduras, Ecuador and Haiti.
Frida’s incredible work hasn’t gone unnoticed in Mexico, and now her story is starting to reach other corners of the world as well – and for good reason.
This dog is definitely a hero and an inspiration to us all and deserves all of our love and appreciation. If you agree, then please help spread her story by sharing this clip with others.
Everybody needs to see this!

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